What Is The Meaning of Life?


What is the meaning of life?

Many people ask this.
There is a void in their heart;
They feel empty.
They try to fill it;
With sex,
Forced happiness,
And music.
They try many things.
After this ongoing process, they ask
What is the meaning of life?
Life’s meaning and purpose is found in Jesus Christ.
Not what you wanted to hear, right?
It’s true.
God the Father breathed life into man,
He created us,
He knows what we need.
Only He can fill the emptiness we feel.
To have true joy and happiness
Is to have Christ.
To live without Christ
Is like a baby living without his mother.
What will happen?
He will die.
He needs the one who gave life to him
In order for him to live.
Do we not need our Creator
To live?